The Big Cat Project

A creative hub and philanthropic platform for a collective of visual arts enthusiasts who use the medium of photography to promote conservation, awareness and promotion of the natural world.  partner with conservation partners around the world to promote causes and awareness on the stories that need telling; we evangelize and champion causes and the people trying to make a change. 

At the epicenter of The Big Cat Project is a group of passionate lovers of nature and big cats who understand the power of impactful visuals, story telling and complimentary partnerships. We believe in measurement to the most granular degree, whether that is measuring reach, engagement or impact of every dollar raised to achieve the goal of preserving Big Cats. We bring Passion, Marketing and Technology to the cause of wildlife conservation. 


Contributors and Conservation Partners


Sid Toama

Leopard lover, Photographer and Conservationist based in New York. 

Believer that technology need not be a chore but a cure to many of life's challenges including saving precious and endangered wonders such as Big Cats around the world. It is with this philosophy that Sid has created an awareness initiative supported by conservation partners in Africa to deploy innovation into the fight against poachers and the ignorant. 

Notable mention to the three beasts in his day to day life in suburban New York, Buzz, Woody and Rex, the three Labradors.