Conservation Projects and Partnerships

Dogs Aren't Just Man's Best Friend 

We are planning several projects to help reduce human and leopard conflict in and around African Farms through the deployment of Anatolian Shepherd Dogs and GPS tracking. The aim is to promote the use of this protective and hardy breed of dog as a barrier of protection for livestock herds as Leopards have been forced to cross into populated areas due to the depletion of their natural habitats. We also believe that by deploying technology and data intelligence, we are able to provide insights to conservationists and land owners into Leopard populations and their movement, as well as make recommendations for re-location to avoid future conflict and reductions in the already dwindling Leopard population.

Re-Introducing Leopards Back To Where They Belong

We are also architecting a roadmap to assist national parks in Africa with the re-introduction of Leopard and deployment of technology and data solutions to track measure the success of re-introductions in the area.